Small Business Website Design and Hosting for Women Business Owners

Choosing a Web hosting company

Are you overwhelmed by the huge variety of options available for Web site hosting? Is it difficult to decide which one best meets your needs?

At InterDream Designs, we offer Web site design and hosting services to meet the specific needs of women small business owners. Our Web site hosting services are fast, reliable, easy to set up, and priced to fit your budget.

Personalized customer service to support Web site hosting needs

As a busy woman business owner, do you want to spend time worrying that your Web site might go offline? Or spend hours dealing with technical issues related to Web site hosting and design? With InterDream Designs, you won’t have to be troubled by any of these problems. That’s our job! We take care of all of your site’s backend needs, working to make life easy for you. If a Web site hosting problem arises, there’s no need for concern. You’ll have easy access to a qualified expert who will explain the issue and fix it promptly.

Here's what one client had to say about our Web site hosting:

"Thank you for the wonderful, reliable, professional service! I know that whenever I need your help or encounter a problem with my Web sites, I can count on you for help!"

Shiri Joshua
Pet Loss Support

Web site hosting services – what we offer

What’s most important to you in a Web site hosting company – low cost, high reliability, or great service? At InterDream Designs, you don’t have to choose – we offer all three.

We offer Web site hosting services starting at as low as $15 a month – with FREE setup. Our full-featured control panel includes Web site statistics, a mysql database, flash support, Web-based email, 24-hour support and a host of other features.

Want to see what our Web site hosting services are like? If you’d like to try out our Web site hosting, we offer one month of Web site hosting FREE …with no obligation! Why not give us a call and speak with us now? We can fill in the blanks for you! Call us at 416-250-1380 or email us at